Infamous Trends. Where to begin? Whats the site about? Let me set the scene.

Infamous Trends is a blog about trends. Trends that were bad. Trends that leave you cringing when you look back on a photo from 10 years ago. Life is full of moments in which we look back in shock and cannot believe that we too indulged in such a trend.

What are trends? Let me name a trend from each era to date.

1. 1950’s - Greasers. Grease Lightning was real I tell ya!

2. 1960’s - Bell Bottom’s. Nuff said. They are like space boots for pants.

3. 1970’s - Disco music. Oh dear, if the LSD allowed you to remember, that music was pretty bad.

4. 1980’s - Shoulder Pads. Wow they were awesomes. We all looked so much more buff.

5. 1990’s - Under-cuts. Remember getting your hair clipped up while the hairdresser shaved underneath?

Read the Infamous Trends blog daily for your source of memories, laughs and pure self hatred.